Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Lexandacamera, also known as Alex. I’m sixteen and I live in the middle of nowhere in County Durham. I’m pretty much just a kid with a passion for photography. I have been running a tumblr blog for my images since Easter. As much as I have loved using tumblr as a platform to showcase my work, I’ve decided to move here to express myself not only through images but also words. I’m a new blogger, my tumblr was only images. Not words. So this is my first attempt at adding writing to my posts.

I have just left secondary school after studying English language, maths, double science and history. I’m hoping to study chemistry, maths and psychology at sixth form. In my spare time I like to read books, and practise yoga and meditation. Every summer I help organise a charity fun day. During this time I help plan events, sell raffle tickets and also run a stall and shoot pictures throughout the day. Over the past 4 years, over £4000 has been raised for a local charity that provides sensory equipment for disabled children. I use music as an escape from life. If you ever see me, the chances are I’ll have headphones in. Usually they’re blaring some form of angry pop-punk music. Pop-punk music isn’t for happy kids with perfect lives and I think that’s why I love it so much. It’s a way out, something to focus on, something where I can feel less alone. Anything dark and moody I’ll probably love.

My favourite place to shoot currently is the scenery around my home. I find it intriguing to look at all of the shapes and colours of the rolling country side. There’s something about sitting on a hill with nothing but a camera and the gorgeous views that is mesmerising. You really get to appreciate the beauty of nature. As someone who grew up in the country side, I used to take the views for granted. It wasn’t until I found my love for photography that I realised how lucky I am to live in such a place. 

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy creating them.

Have a good day,


Find me in all of these places:

email: Lexandacamera@gmail.com

Twitter: @lexandacamera

Instagram: @lexandacamera


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