The ‘Perfect’ Image

I probably take around fifty to one hundred images a day. They could be of anything. They could be of my friends, my family, my dog, the clouds, shadows- anything that catches my eye. Quite often most of the images aren’t of the standard I would normally post on my blog. But just because they don’t make it onto the internet doesn’t mean I don’t love them. A lot of the time I love an image for the memory it carries rather than the photographic quality. 

One of those images that isn’t great quality but holds fantastic memories

Any photographer who says “it’s just my job” doesn’t deserve to have the privilege of being a photographer in my opinion. To be a photographer you need the passion, you can’t just pick up a camera and set up a business. Photography is about thinking outside of the box. Copying another photographer isn’t photography. You need your own style. That takes a long time. I haven’t found my niche yet but I’m still looking. I’m constantly experimenting with different styles to find something that really speaks to me. I think that it’s very important that you enjoy looking at your own work. 

One of my most popular images is one that I’m not fond of. I do like it, that’s why it’s on my blog. But it’s not one of my favourite. When it began to become popular it came as quite a shock. a) I never expected any of my images to get that many notes and b) I felt that there was a lot of higher quality images on my blog. It was strange to see peoples reactions to the image. It made me look at it in a different light. I realised that sometimes in photography you have to take a risk. An image that I expected to get 5 notes maximum ended up with over 700 notes. As a photographer I am a big advocate of taking images you love. However, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes see beauty that we don’t. I’m very critical of my own work and that makes it difficult to get ‘the perfect image’.

The image in question

Take it from me, there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect image’. The closest to perfection you’re going to get is an image that you’re proud of, that you love and that holds fantastic memories. 

What do you think about my most popular image? Do you see the beauty that I don’t? Let me know

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