Exciting Things Ahead

Some very exciting opportunities have arisen over the past couple of weeks. The first of which being work experience at my local newspaper and the second, a role as a photographer at Newcastle Pride. Just the thought of doing these things would have terrified me three months ago, but chances like these don’t come along very often. I would have been an idiot to turn them down.

Northern Pride is a non-profit organisation that raises awareness of issues within the lgbt+ community. They also organise events throughout the year including Newcastle Pride. This is a three day event with music, stalls, fairground rides and much more. It’s a celebration of diversity. It’s somewhere to celebrate being yourself. This year I have the astounding opportunity to photograph the event along with many other gifted photographers. During my time at the event I will be given multiple duties, the main being photography. I will also get access to the Main Stage at some points to shoot renowned names such as Belinda Carlisle and B*witched. 

Shooting this even is such an honour for me. I’m one of the youngest volunteers at the event and it’s my first year attending. Lgbt+ issues are something I’m very passionate about so the whole situation is unthinkable to me. It’s something I never thought I would have the pleasure of doing, especially not at such a young age. I plan on writing a blog post about the event, including some images, next week. Why not get involved? You can the main event runs friday 17th to sunday 19th july. Or you can visit the website at http://www.northern-pride.com to donate or find other events to take part in.

Northern Pride

Not only am I working at Newcastle Pride, I also have work experience at my local gazette. During this time I will be shooting various events and may also write a few articles myself. I never imagined myself doing work experience with a newspaper for the simple fact that during school i despised English. I liked maths and science, English was something I just had to do. Now that I’ve finished school and I’ve started this blog I’m finding a love for words. I’ve always loved reading and now I’m starting to love writing. Now that I can write for me, it is so much more fulfilling. Now I can write about things I’m interested in, without restraints, without worrying about the grade at the end. Writing for the gazette is daunting, because I’m a photographer. I never expected to be anything close to a journalist. Yet here I am, writing a blog, and doing work experience with a newspaper. 

I am honoured to have these opportunities to better my photography skills. I shall keep you updated on events and will more than likely write blog posts about important things. My work will be published in the weardale gazette, if you live in the area you may see it. Is anyone else going to pride? Let me know.

Best wishes,


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