Month in Review: July 2015

July 2015 has been a monumental moth in my life. I finished my GCSE’s and therefore left secondary school, I attended my first pride festival, i started work experience with my local newspaper and I started this blog! So much has happened lately and I hope things carry on the way they are going. 

I first started this blog as a way to promote my photography and add a more personal touch to my work. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do to be honest. My plan was to post once a month or so, just to keep people updated with my photography and hopefully gain the interest of some new followers. However, the more I write for this blog, the more passionate I become. It’s a way to express myself. My main form of expression is through my images, nonetheless theres something about writing that gives me a sense of achievement. It’s documenting my journey as a photographer. When I’m writing I can see how far I’ve come since I began this journey, not only as a photographer but also as a person. Without photography I never would have done the things I’m doing now.

I attended Newcastle Pride on the 19th of July. Without my passion for photography, I wouldn’t have had anything pushing me to go to this event. Going made me realise just how much I can do if I push myself. I wrote a blog post about my time at the event, you can check it out here. A few days ago I also received a letter from Northern Pride thanking me for my work and updating me on the money raised. Along with this was a card from Steven Duffy, the Volunteering Co-Ordinator. This was a personal thank you for shooting the event and also thanking me for making the long journey to Newcastle. This small note meant the world to me. It was the first time that someone other than my family and friends had taken note of my photography. I will be sure to go back to pride next summer after the wonderful time I had this year. 

Linskill Theatre Group at Newcastle Pride 2015

As I stated at the beginning of this post, I have started work experience with my local newspaper. My main job is a photographer, I help the editor at various events by taking pictures. I n the future I will also have the chance to write some articles of my own. Not only am I gaining a lot of experience, I’m also getting my work published. This means that more people will see my work and more people will know my name. This is fantastic for any aspiring photographer.

The game hasn’t begun and he’s got the trophy!

Next month is my big chance as I get to write multiple articles for the newspaper by myself. I’m hoping that this will not only gain more exposure for my work, but also give me and insight into the world of media. Photojournalism is something I may wish to pursue in the future, this is one way to test the waters and see if it’s for me.

I hope you’ve had an equally amazing month, 


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