Inspiration #2: Frederick Ardley

This is the second instalment of photographers who inspire me. I plan to do one of these blog posts on the third Friday of every month. This months inspiration is Frederick Ardley, a British fine-art photographer. I found his work on tumblr about a year ago and fell in love. His landscape shots are so atmospheric and intriguing. He describes his style as “a mix of painterly emotions with key inspirations from films and historic cultures”. His artwork is based upon historic events and paintings. This makes for an unusual yet mesmerising style. 

Unlike the inspiration provided by Adam (I wrote about him in a previous blog post), this inspiration is mostly from Fredericks artwork. I do not know much about him as a person as he does not share much on the internet like Adam. I find this rather endearing because it makes people focus much more on his work rather than him as a person. As far as I know, he has not publicly posted any images of himself. To me this adds to the mystery and suspense created by his work. 

Theres something about suspense filled landscapes that always catch my eye. I don’t know what it is, maybe its the deep rich colours or the dark and moody clouds? Whatever it is, I love it. Fortunately for me, this is one of Frederick’s specialisms. His landscapes never fail to inspire me. He is the only artist who’s work can leave me speechless. The muted colour schemes and purple hues of the sky always make for jaw dropping images. 

Due to the unusual inspiration for his artwork, the images are always unique. There is never anything quite like them. Personally, individuality is very important. I want my work to be mine, I don’t want it to be my version of someone else work. I want my hard work and effort to be 100% mine. An image that I copied from another photographer isn’t mine, it isn’t my skills or determination. That’s something I love about his work, its his. He made it. He put in the effort. He put in the time. It’s his work to be proud of. If you yourself aren’t proud of your work, then why should anyone else be?

You can find all of Frederick’s word at

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