World Photography Day 2015

To commemorate world photography day 2015, I would like to talk a bit about my photography journey. I’ll try to make this quick!

I’m 16 and at the very beginning of my journey. I’ve only been

seriously taking photos for around a year. I would Like to think that I’ve improved a lot in the past year though. Even since starting my blog, I feel as though my work has improved. I’m starting to find my style, I’m starting to figure out which direction I want my photography to go in. However, I’m not one for being boxed in. I like to blur the lines so I don’t think I’ll ever have a set style. I’ll just be me, and that’s the best I can hope for really. That my work will always portray my passion.

One thing I have found since pursuing my passion for photography is the wonders that can be found in the most unlikely places. I can step out of my door and walk for five minutes and suddenly I’m in my own little world, sat on top of a hill looking at an unforgettable view. Without the want to find inspiring landscapes, I would never explore the local countryside as much as I do now. This time 2 years ago I would never think of just leaving on my own and trudging through muddy fields and climbing trees. But now, that’s an everyday occurrence. It’s just what I do. Sometimes the adventure to get the image is better than the final product. But I don’t care, because I enjoyed it and it holds fantastic memories. 

The first image uploaded to my blog!

I’m quite a private photographer, in the way that I don’t like to be with people when I’m shooting. I don’t mind events as much. But I cannot stand someone being with me when all I want to do is to fall into that little world of me and my camera. I live for the time when I’m in that zone. It just feels natural. Calming. Safe. Until there’s someone else in that zone. It sounds selfish but it ruins the ‘me time’. I find people exhausting at the best of times, but when they intrude into my photography time I get a little bit impatient. To me, photography is my little escape from everyday life. Where I can just be at peace with everything. 

I realise I went a bit off track in this post and just rambled, but it’s late and I forgot it was world photography day so it’s just a quick little thing.


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