What’s In My Camera Bag?

If you’ve ever been on YouTube I’m sure you’ve seen a plethora of beauty guru’s doing the ‘What’s In My Bag’ tag. Well today I’m putting a little spin on it and doing a What’s In My Camera Bag. You can see exactly what I take to every photo shoot I do, including those at college. So here goes…

The Camera

The most important thing in my bag is obviously my camera. I use a Nikon D7200 for all of my images with two SD cards inside, respectively 32GB and 16GB. This is the second DSLR camera I have owned and by far my favourite. I love that it has two SD card slots so that I always have a backup of my images incase one card fails. I’ve never had an SD card corrupt on me but I like to be prepared as loosing my images would be the worst scenario. It also has an excellent long exposure mode where I can leave it to take exposures for as long as I like without holding the button like on many other cameras. I can just open the shutter and go back and close the shutter later, this is very useful for when I am doing astrophotography

The Lenses

Next I have a selection of four lenses to use with my camera.  Two of these lenses I use a great deal, these are the Nikon 18-55mm and the Nikon 50mm. By far these are my favourite lenses and the most versatile. Just behind these two is the Sigma 70-300mm, although a wonderful lens, it’s just not as versatile as the other two. And finally, is my Lensbaby 50mm Spark, I’ve only used this lens a couple of times as it has such a small niche.

Nikon 18-55mm

This is my kit lens, a Nikon 18-55mm, that came with my camera. This is my most used lens as it can be used for a range of subjects, from portraiture to landscapes. Most images you see will have been taken with this lens.


Nikon 50mm

The Nikon 50mm is the lens I use for portraiture work and anything where I want a very shallow depth of field. This lens is f 1.8 at its widest aperture. This means that it can let in lots of light and allows me to have the background very blurred when focused on a subject.


Sigma 70-300mm

This was the first lens I purchased separately to my camera back in the summer of 2015. The main reason I don’t use this lens as much as the others is because it is hard to use without a tripod. It is a large lens meaning it is difficult to keep it steady when shooting by hand.


Lensbaby 50mm Spark

This is my least used lens, simply because it is so specialist. It is not made to be an everyday lens, it is a lens when you want special effects to ensure a creative image. When using this lens you get a very small area of focus with a warped focus everywhere else. It can create gorgeous images if used right, but it is difficult to get there.


The Accessories

Lens Converters

Before I purchased new lenses, I used my kit lens with lens converters. These are a much cheaper way to change how your images look. Although cheaper, they in no way compare to new lenses with a wider capability. With lens converters you can change the focal length of the lens outside of its usual capacity.



Filters are a transparent piece of plastic or glass that fits over your camera lens to enhance the image. I use neutral density filters and graduated filters when I am doing landscape photography. By using a graduated filter I can ensure that both the sky and the foreground are accurately exposed. Neutral density filters decrease the amount of light that is let into the camera, this means that I can use a longer exposure without blowing out the highlights in my image whilst also blurring the motion.



The final piece of kit I take to shoots with me is my tripod. This holds my camera steady so that I do not have camera shake and I can also shoot hands free. It is great for taking long exposures or using a large lens such as the 70-300mm.

The Extras

As well as my camera equipment I also sometimes take my macbook and hard drives to shoots with me. This is so that I can view and edit my images on the go rather than waiting until I get home. This is particularly useful when I have a spare time at college or so that I can check if I need any more images before I leave.

So that’s it, that’s what is in my camera bag. I hope you found it interesting and I’ll see you soon.





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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janet walach says:

    Very interesting Abbie, I’m looking for a decent lens for zooming in? What do you reckon?


    1. The bigger the focal length the more it will zoom. I use my 70-300mm for whenever I need to zoom in on anything. It’s good for wildlife! Try searching for telephoto lenses, you should get some good results


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