One Week: With a 50mm Lens


This past week I embarked on a trip to Nottingham. It wasn’t a photography trip but I took my camera all the same. However, with two trains to catch to get there, I knew that my luggage was limited. So instead of taking my whole camera bag, I simply packed my camera and a 50mm lens. No tripods, no filters, no other lenses. I didn’t even take my laptop with me. It was back to basics.

The lens in question

The majority of this post is going to be visual rather than written. There will be a few brief paragraphs, but the main purpose is to show how much you can achieve with the bare minimum in your photography bag. So here we go!




By limiting myself to just one fixed focal length lens, I definitely had to think outside of the box when taking photos. Instead of zooming in, I had to move closer to my subject. I couldn’t change lenses to adjust the composition of my images. It was all me, I really tested my limits with this challenge. However, saying that, I very much enjoyed it and I will definitely repeat it in the future. Maybe with other lenses? Look out for a mini series coming up.


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