Inspiration #3: Tim Walker

Todays post is the long awaited third part in the inspiration series. Todays inspiration is british photographer TIm walker. He has shot images for vogue for over a decade and has now moved on to making films. With extravagant dresses and props, gorgeous lighting, and intricate backgrounds, many of Walker’s images look as though they belong in a fairy tale.


I first found Walker’s work whilst studying at college last year. We were given an assignment to write an essay on two portrait photographers. After endlessly scrolling through instagram and flickr, Tim Walker’s work finally caught my eye. After an infinite amount of head and shoulder portraits with immaculate lighting and white backdrops, the originality and detail of Walker’s portraits really sparked something within me.

The particular image that caught my eye was a long exposure of a dancer in a cream and gold dress. The long exposure made it look as though there were multiple dancers in the shot. You really had to think when looking at the image to make out the separate bodies.


I revisited Walker’s work again in my second year studying at college. We were given two portrait photographers to research, one being Tim Walker, and we had to plan a photoshoot based on their style. I’ll show you the pages from my sketchbook so you can see what I did. And if you check back soon there will be a post explaining the whole shoot and the final images.

Also, head over to my brand-new youtube channel to get a sneak peak at my Tim Walker project and see how I edited the images.



Tim Walker: Post Processing Walkthrough

Hope this can give you guys a little bit of inspiration too,

See you soon.



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